Join The Floricult Garden Club!

What is The Garden Club?

A monthly virtual garden club that meets via Zoom on the 1st of every month at 7pm EST.

I guide everybody through what needs to be done in the garden + yard that month, and help answer any timely question!

What Should You Expect At Garden Club?!

  • I will present “what to do in the garden this month” at the beginning of Club!

  • I will also share what I am planting, buying, harvesting, or working on that month!

  • You can stay on mute the whole time, listen, take notes, and use it as dedicated working time to do your planning!

  • You can also ask questions, share ideas, or submit your troubles to the room for solutions!

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How To Join The Garden Club

If you are not a paid subscriber yet, please join below and you will receive an email with instructions on how to add the virtual meeting invites to your calendar. :)

You can also find instructions anytime on this page, if you are logged in as a paid subscriber!

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